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Amount Invested              Term (Years)              Fund Balance              Profit/Loss              %
450000.00              10              450000.00              0.00              0.00


  Last Name   Wallis                 First Name   Malcolm                  Date of Birth:   0000-00-00                 ID Document:   Passport: 049596784838  
  Address 1:   Villa Cinderella   Address 2:   Villa Cinderella, Route de l'Almanarre   City:   Hyeres   County / State:   London  
  Postal Code / ZIP:   83400   Country:   United Kingdom   Mobile:   07555758327   Email:   mnicholls@oasiscapital.ch  
  Phone:   07554422800   Security Code:   abc123   Note 1:   kjhgf   Note 2:   ,jmhngbfv  



  Last Name:   N/A                 First Name:   N/A                  Date of Birth:   0000-00-00                 ID Document:   N/A  
  Address 1:   N/A   Address 2:   N/A   City:   N/A   County/State:   N/A  
  Post Code / ZIP:   N/A   Country:   N/A   Mobile:   N/A   Email:   N/A  
  Phone:   N/A   Security Code:   N/A   Note 1:   N/A   Note 2:   N/A  



  Company Name   N/A                 Registered No:   N/A                  LEI:   N/A                 Website:   N/A  
  Address 1:   N/A   Address 2:   N/A   City:   N/A   Post Code/Zip:   N/A  
  State:   N/A   Country:   N/A                  
  Phone 1:   N/A   Phone 2:   N/A   Email 1:   N/A   Email 2:   N/A  

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